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How to swim a workout with Swimtraxx One?

Start and stop your workout by following next steps:

  1. Turn your Swimtraxx One ON by pressing the Power button. A ramp up buzz is produced and the indicator light turns blue.
  2. You long press the [ • ] button for about two seconds to begin a workout. You will feel a single buzz to confirm.
  3. You are ready to swim! Hop in the water and start your workout.
  4. Once you are done with your workout, long press the [ •• ] button to finish. You will feel a double buzz to confirm.
  5. Swimtraxx One is now ready to offload your workout to the app.
  6. Workout offloaded? Turn the device OFF by long pressing the Power button.

TIP Not sure if you actually started your workout properly? Do a quick visual check if the heart ate sensor is on. If the sensor is green, you are good to go!