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How to charge Swimtraxx One?

Please find the Swimtraxx One magnetic charging cable inside the product box.  Follow the steps below to charge Swimtraxx one:

  • Place the magnetic connector of the USB cable to the back of the Swimtraxx One device. A magnetic connection will ensure the correct contact.
  • Please note there is only one charging direction possible. 
    • Place your Swimtraxx One bottom down in front of you, with the charging port facing right.
    • Untie the cable and unroll it with the magnetic connector facing left and the USB connecter pointing to yourself.
    • Let the magnets click onto your Swimtraxx One.

  • Plug the USB connector into a USB charging port.
  • Charge the device completely to a battery level of 100%.

  charging instructions

While charging, the indicator light blinks to indicate the battery status of Swimtraxx One.

When your smartphone is within range, Swimtraxx One syncs its battery status automatically within Swimtraxx Mobile while charging. Charging a fully depleted battery takes max. 2 hours.