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How can I setup Swimtraxx One?

You can setup Swimtraxx One as follows:


1. Connect to power.

Before you start, please charge your Swimtraxx One. Correctly place the magnetic connector of the charging cable to the back of Swimtraxx One. Let Swimtraxx One charge until the indicator light turns solid green, indicating a fully charged battery.


2. Pair your smartphone

Turn Swimtraxx One on by long pressing the power button. Download and launch Swimtraxx Mobile on your smartphone, tap “Profile” and go to “My device”. From here, connect Swimtraxx One to your device and link it to your account. Navigate to this article for more info and direct download links.


3. Ready for your first swim?

Fixate your Swimtraxx One to your goggle strap by threading it through the top shell wings. Ensure the smallest side of Swimtraxx One is about 10mm from your goggle lens and wear it on the right side!

To put Swimtraxx One into workout mode, read the “Button Controls” section in this article.

To ensure correct heart rate operation, be sure to make skin contact with the heart rate sensor outside of the hair line.